About Us

mjOur family has been in the HVAC air duct cleaning business since 1969. And since 1984 we have been providing formal technician and business training to leading air duct professionals from around the world. Duct Cleaners Direct started out as the purchasing company for our own air duct cleaning business but quickly grew as it began supplying our students and other industry professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Now Duct Cleaners Direct.com is a primary provider for many of the worlds leading indoor air professionals.

From our roots in our air duct cleaning business we have a long established history with industry associations like the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA), the Duct Cleaners Network (DCN) and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association(NADCA). In fact, we are the only remaining founding member of NADCA. We have created or helped develop many of the tools used in our industry today. Getting to know us might be easier by taking a look at our clients and their success. Successful HVAC Duct Cleaning Companies look to Duct Cleaners Direct as a partner. We have become the industry’s equipment and supply experts behind the duct cleaning experts. We understand that it is only inside this relationship and commitment to our customers that we exist as a company.

You’ll find that our experience and support can help continuously improve your business processes & profitability. At Duct Cleaners Direct, we help you operate more efficiently by providing both time-tested and cutting-edge air duct cleaning equipment & supplies solutions. We welcome you to our site, our family, and wish you all the best as an air duct cleaning professional.

All the Best,

Michael “MJ” Palazzolo