Air Rod Tools for Air Duct Cleaning

Air rod tools are the choice for many air duct cleaning professionals because they are adaptable for many situations.  They come in 5′ sections that can be snapped together to form longer lengths for the job at hand.  Flexible air rods can be made to negotiate turns and bends.  Stiff air rods can push the tools up a verticle duct or through an obsticle.  And the various attachments for these air rod systems can make the biggest difference.  There are single whip attachments, multiple whip attachments, forward facing skippers (snakes). reverse facing skippers (snakes), spinning skippers, and small profile skipper heads for special ducting such as dryer vents.  Most of these tools come with differing air jet patterns and volumes that produce different results for the user.  Compressor/air source should also be considered when choosing an air rod tool system.  Our consultants are standing by to help you select the best air rod tool for your specific air duct cleaning situation.