High quality products at reasonable prices!

We get the advertisements too.  Offers show up for super low prices on all sorts of duct cleaning equipment and supplies.  But many times you find that the product they’re selling isn’t very good at all.  Take our grill mask product.  It is made in the USA with high quality adhesives and consistent milling.  Our rolls are 300′ long and tinted blue for high visibility.  But we keep getting ads from another vendor that supposes to have the same product for much lower prices.  The language of the ad makes it sound appealing.  But if you read the details or have seen the product they offer it is really a thinner product with less adhesive.  And here’s a big shocker…their rolls are only 180′.  That means that our 300′ rolls are 67% larger!  So don’t be fooled.  Do your research and make sure you’re getting the best value in the business.