Introducing the StormTech 2100 Power Vacuum Truck- Best in Class Duct Truck

Duct Cleaners Direct is proud to announce that we are the US representative for the StormTech 2100 Cyclonic Power Vacuum Truck- Best in Class!  Experience this revolutionary new design.

The StormTech Cyclonic power vacuum truck has a revolutionary design that provides as much power as the leading power vacuum truck but runs with 30% less fuel and 40% less emissions. This means the cleaning process itself now has a smaller carbon footprint.

The smaller carbon footprint of StormTech 2100 is accomplished by:

  • Using an independent diesel engine to power our vacuum equipment.
  • The fan and cyclones are made of lightweight aluminum and offer less resistance than traditional filter bag trucks.
  • The ability to remotely change the throttle settings of the engine during the course of the service.

Other features:

  • Rotary Scroll Compressor for continuous air pressure
  • Easy access dirt clean out- cleans with a dust pan and hand broom!
  • Body made of corrosion proof materials