Kanberra Gel has Amazing Results on Smoke Odors

Kanberra Gel gives amazing results on smoke odors!

My friend Danny recently stopped smoking cigarettes after years of “enjoyment”. We are all so very proud of him and his newly affirmed committment to his health. Now when he comes around he does not have smokers breath or the trappings of smoke on his clothes. Several weeks ago he decided to sell his car and buy a new one. It was in great shape, had low miles, and he was asking a fair price. There was one problem…it reeked from years of stale smoke! He had several potential buyers tell him that but for the smoke odors they would have bought it in an instant. Dan tried cleaning the carpet and upholstery. He hung up one of those deodorizer things from the mirror. He left it parked in the garage for a week to air out. Still the smell persisted and the car did not sell. When he told me this I gave him a few Kanberra gel units to try out. I asked only that he let me know how they worked.

Well last Friday he came over and told me that after he put the two 4 oz Kanberra Gel units in his car he ran the ventilation system for an hour and then left the car untouched with the windows rolled up for two days. He noticed right away that the smoke smell was completely gone! And then he went on to explain that the smoke and tar had actually “lifted” off some of the carpet and dashboard surfaces. So after a quick reclean he put the car back out for sale the next day. And it sold in one hour to an asthmatic who couldn’t believe anyone had ever smoked in it! Way to go Kanberra!