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HVAC Grill Mask- Vent mask- Duct Mask.  Our lightweight low-tack film sticks to registers and removes easily afterwards.  The bright blue color stands out to customers and technicians.  It’s great for air duct cleaning, pressure testing, and duct sealing.  And it can also be used as temporary floor covering.  Giant 300′ rolls.  Perforated every 4″ for easy sizing!  Consistent milling and adhesive provides a superior quality product.  Made in the USA.

Available in 8″ or 12″ wide rolls.  Both sizes are 300′ long!

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 14 in

8", 24", 8" – Case of 4, 8" – Case of 8, 12", 12” – case of 4, 12”- case of 8

19 reviews for Grill Mask – Vent Mask

  1. Lisa Powell

    Funny how big a difference this tape can make. Our jobs go faster, done better, and customers are more impressed. Service was very fast. Third order and we haven’t been disappointed yet.

  2. Keith Lopez

    easiest one yet. my brother went to training at safety king he told us to try it. works better and easier

  3. sam g

    i think we can use this for covering the carpets too. big rolls are much better than the little ones we got before. funny about the story of tape guys stealing the picture of you from your website. good luck mike

  4. Kim Nuffer

    Great product. We use this on Aeroseal jobs and love the long rolls. Perfect amount of stickiness to. Less waste

  5. Eric Motoff

    Great training with your team and great products Thanks for all your help

  6. Greg Mayfield

    top notch! great product and always in stock. better that the cheap stuff we tried before. great working with mike and his team when we need supplies.

  7. Emilio Ramirez

    best price best product

  8. Ian Justice

    Mike this is the best vent tape we have ever used. Our guys like the bigger rolls so they don’t have to take multiple rolls each week. This stuff sticks better than all the others and it still comes off easily. Good choice

  9. J Clark

    Thank you again for the prompt service. We received the product today.

  10. Joe Sematto

    From the first call we got real expertise about your products and duct cleaning in general. Based on your recommendation we joined NADCA and went to our first meeting in Nashville. In the past year our business has transformed and we owe some of that to you for introducing us to this great resource. The duct mask tape is amazing and will be our choice going forward.

  11. David Woolsey

    This is a great product. I highly recommend it. Thanks DCD

  12. Billy Mangiano

    SUperb service. Shipped quick. GOod prices. We appreciate the duct cleaning advice and follow up. Using this is much better that masking tape we were using before.

  13. Antonio Vargas

    Love the huge roll and blue colors. Wondering if you can do other colors. Next time we get a few cases bcause all our crews are going to use grill mask now

  14. Steve Timmons

    Glad we found you! We were buying from another company and the rolls were small and clear. What a big change it was to use your product. My crews and customers love the bright color. The website is a little slow but you took our order on the phone when I called. Next time I will order a few cases and call you directly to get personal service

  15. Dale DeLande

    Really cool product. It has improved how we do our service and the clients love it. The first time few times we ordered it we got 4 rolls at a time. After speaking to Mike we found that larger quantities are at discounted rates so now we order 40 rolls each time and get the best rate. So for large orders it pays to call the order in!

  16. Alex Ferkov

    We used another similar product but got an ad for this. Got some and used it. It worked better than the stuff we had. Price per foot was actually less. My staff likes the blue color too. Good product!

  17. Dave Marsden

    I thought this was just like other film tape Ive seen but Mike explained that the roll is 50% bigger than competitors. So it was a n easy choice. Im glad I got this because it is colored too and my customers notice that Im putting it up to protect the house. Very easy to work with Mike and his staff. Thanks

  18. Super Clean Ducts LLC

    Thanks for convincing me to give this a try. We were buying from a energy company and getting 180 feet rolls but it really costs us more to by it that way. This is less per foot. I also like that it is blue.

  19. Dave W

    Good stuff. I really like that it is blue.

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