Solid Core Rotary Brush System w/Push Button Locks

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Your drill with clutch rotates the inner cable only, delivering rotation to the brush head. Package includes cable assembly and seven brush heads. Four are nylon brush heads ( 4″, 8″, 12″, 18″) and three are silica carbide brush heads (8″, 12″, 18″). The silica carbide brush heads are more abrasive and enable you to clean even heavily compacted debris from duct interior. Cable core design offers maximum flexibility, allowing brush head to navigate corners, drops and risers.
This package is available in two cable assembly lengths, 15′ and 25′.



Solid Rotary Brush System with push button locks.  Cable system consists of hollow metal and plastic sheath with solid core wire inside it.  7 brushes of various sizes from 4″ to 18″.  Nylon and silica carbide brush bristles.  Easy push-button locking brush heads make changing brushes quick and easy. Includes replacement inner core.  Available in 7′, 20′ and 33′ lengths.  Powered with your clutch equipped drill.

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7ft, 20ft, 33ft


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